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Super Jigsaw is a good time killer for all ages. With 10000+ jigsaw puzzles for free and 100+ new puzzle games free weekly. You won't feel bored. It’s good for your brain, logical thinking and memory.

Our free puzzle game for adults contains thousands of high-quality HD pictures in a wide variety of collections, whether you prefer beautiful landscapes, lovely animals, or intricate patterns, we have a puzzle to suit your taste. The jigsaws game difficulty is based on the number of picture puzzle pieces, which should be put together.

Key Features:
* Extensive Puzzle Library: Choose from a wide range of beautiful images across various categories.
* Daily Challenges: Enjoy a fresh, new puzzle every day and earn rewards for completing them.
* Mystery Puzzles: Challenge yourself to complete unknown pictures.
* Customizable Difficulty: Adjust the number of pieces to match your skill level, from easy 36-piece puzzles to mind-boggling 400-piece challenges.
* Intuitive Controls: Drag and drop pieces effortlessly with smooth touch controls designed for a seamless experience.
* Helpful Tools: Utilize handy features like edge sorting and preview mode to streamline your puzzle-solving process.
* Custom background: Choose a comfortable background to solve free jigsaw puzzle games with more pleasure.
* Helpful Hints: Use Hint to match the next piece to the Jigsaw puzzle if you are stuck.
* Progress Tracking: Keep track of your achievements and completion times for each puzzle to challenge yourself and improve your skills.

With its sleek design and user-friendly interface, Super Jigsaw App provides hours of fun. Unleash your inner puzzler and start assembling beautiful pictures piece by piece. Download now and embark on a mesmerizing puzzle adventure!

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